Sark, news from the neighbour

On a clear day, from the cliffs near Dur-Ecu, you can see the isle of Sark, the last place in Europe run on a feodal basis… but it changed in 2008 and not everybody thinks it is for good.

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The Big News:

End of the feodal system

Democracy ?


Not as big but more recent:

– June 2011 :
Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay had offered Sark residents free medical evacuations in exchange for permission to build a helipad that would allow the helicopter to land on the island.
But Chief Pleas voted against this proposal, 23 members to nine.
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– May 2012
First demonstration in support of a doctor criticised by the Barclays brothers’ local manager… (more about helicopters).

– 2012
The Sark Newsletter, run by – guess whom – , compares Sark with Germany in the 1930s.

– November 2012
The Barclays invest in vineyards on the island that get vandalised for their reward.

– May 2013
Towards the first full time paid civil servant.


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